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Whaoh Manyu People:

So the demonic DIVIDING that caught Hon. Solomon Tandeng Muna and Dr. John Ngu Foncha for 25 years and burried the Plebisit and formation of a West Cameroon Nation; has now engulfed Chf. Peter Agbor Tabi, Chf/Barrister Geoge Tabetando, Chf. Abangma, Minister Mengot and Hon. Rose Abunaw-Makia???

Since Hon. Emmanuel Tabi Egbe almost single-handedly accomplished everything 
Soter listed; EXCEPT: Tarr the Mamfe-Kumba & Ekok-Mamfe Roads during Son Excellence Ahmadou Ahidjo's Regime; What then have all these bunch of numerous Manyu Chiefs, Doctors, 
Professors, Ministers and Paliamentarians done and are doing to TAKE PRESIDENT PAUL BIYA ON A ROAD TRIP TO TINTO, MAMFE TOWN AND OYUMOJOCK IN THE PAST 28 YEARS?  What in the world are they bickering and fighting one-another for??? 
Should Paul Biya care whether it is an Ejagham/Upper Banyang or Mamfe Central Man or Woman leaves Yaounde to Tinto Village? To celebrate whatever in Manyuland? 

Isn't this the same Upper Banyang and Ejagham Divide that killed MECA-EU in Netherland and is now  killing MECA-USA? The same Upper Banyang USA that is now equally crumbling under Ms. Patience Eyere Ebini's Leadership under the daily scrutinizing/watchful eye and supervision of Big Brothers & Sessekous Ebini Atem and Chief Akwo in Maryland, USA? My God!

Does a child in the stomach who wants to kill its mother ever survive???

At least Solomon Tandeng Muna and John Ngu Foncha RECONCILED before their deaths.  

Will you UNFORGIVING Manyu Men and Women ever get along? If not for your-selves, your brothers and sisters; at least for the preservation and sustenance of Manyu Division and WEST CAMEROON Why on earth would my friend Ako Abunaw, a saavy New Yorker, be working for PAP & Hon. Ayah Paul Abine rather than for Hon. Rose Abunaw-Makia, Dr. Agbor Tabi, Chf. Barrister Tabe-Tando or Minister Mengot?

What is really wrong with  Manyu supposed Leaders?  Can Manyu People start fixing the unnecessary FEUDS in our immediate families that we are all spreding and extending across Manyuland to all Cameroon and the Manyu in Diaspora? 

Do you all know how sick we are all making President Paul Biya right now?  How can he hand-over the Leadership of Cameroon Goverment to any Manyu Man or Woman when all of us do not get along with our own sibblings, colleagues and  constituencies from our villages to Yaounde, Europe & the USA?

Dear God, we should all be ASHAMED of oursleves!

I hope we all wake up, shape and get along before Manyland is doomed forever!

Lady K. Ettandip

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 to know as when you know the Truth, that Truth will set you free- says the word of God. This is a Manyu matter and not for all consumption
The man called Thomas Ndip should be put in a corner to be crying for all the lies he wrote in this forum. Why should Agbor-Tabi be the one to officiate an occasion in Tinto Upper Banyang subdivision when he is from Eyumojock subdivision? You all are now fully aware of the demonic powers of him trying to over ride our own son of Upper Bayang in the person of Minister Mengot. He is not
 happy to be associated to Ejaghem people because he is a Keyang speaking man. He is the Minister in Y'de and he says Biya loves him so much as he is his demonic son and servant; which he can cause the Minister of Territorial Administration to recap or reverse his village-Ntenako back to Mamfe central subdivision.
The man Thomas Ndip failed to let us know that, the same meeting was being held for Mamfe central in another avenue being presided by the official delegate to it-HRH Chief George Tabe-Tando of Bachou-Ntai a village in Mamfe central. Did I not mention in my write-up that the young man was writing to let out undeserved praises to the Dr.Agbor-Tabi who himself knows that he does not deserve such as he is a Thief to the people of Manyu as having eaten or embezzled the cfa 75 million collected for campaign and was not used.
The money could have been used now to even grade the roads that have caused the strike of the Mamfe drivers. If his master-Biya loves him as the King loved Nehemiah while in captivity as he to is, he should give him money to go and repair his roads and or build them as the King did to Nehemiah for the damaged walls in Jerusalem while in captivity. A master who loves his servant, he will do good to that servant for his people. Pharaoh loved Joseph and did good to him by letting his people to come and dwell in the fertile lands of Egypt.
Our brother who wrote lies is now in a position of regret as he will not be promoted or appointed because his write-up has not yielded any fruits to Agbor-Tabi's advantage. You will agree with me that I did put
 a full-stop to him not to try writing again, but the Truth has been written by Ebai and he will not try again to venture in such lies. We are in captivity and should therefore be praying more than supporting evildoers of Agbor-Tabi's type. The Bible says- as the father is, so is the son; and it can also be said-as the master is, so is the servant.As all know that Biya is a LIAR because he is a servant of the devil-John 8:44 so also is Agbor-Tabi as all of them worship the same god-satan the devil. The division is suffering the most as a result of abandonment by the oppressive gov't of Babylon-Lrdc and he is a Minister in Babylon talking daily with Nebuchadnezzar-Biya in the palace.
I wish to state here that the village of Ntenako will see more lack and problems than they have ever seen as a
 result of them crowning Agbor-Tabi as chief of their village. This is clearly stated in the book of laws that govern the earth-the Bible: Proverb 29:2 states it categorically for them to read and change him now before it is too late. He will be a wicked ruler and his people will mourn and not rejoice as the Bible declares. Change him as soon as possible so that you should not mourn tomorrow. A word to the wise people of Ntenako is sufficient-Amen. 
Yours sincere Manyu son of Upper Banyang subdivision with nativity in Eyang-AtemakoRev.(Papa) Taku-Ayuk Moses (alias Daniel/DM Tutu of Southern Cameroons.

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Sesekou Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai agwe!
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This is the Sorter Agbaw-Ebai I know;even though I am not interested right now in the shameful politicking from these political beggars, you have clearly set the stage for outsiders like us to make
 sense out of this.
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Recently, a Manyu son posted a report of a CPDM meeting in Tinto which claimed that our University Don had gone to thank the Upper Banyang people for voting President Biya in the last presidential elections. It is indeed a good think for a cabinet minister to extend some gratification to a sub constituency that supported Mr. Biya. The said report from Cameroon
 posted on Manyunet inter alia noted that the event was attended by five thousand people and Manyu dignitaries who traveled to Tinto included Chief Ako Stanley of Kendem, Hon. Rose Abunaw and Prof. Peter Agbor Tabi. As a Manyu citizen who spent close to a decade plus covering and reporting political issues from Manyu, I feel it is vital to revisit that posting, its content and its political implications and ramifications. I am aware that some Manyu citizens have worrying concerns on my take on the Prof. Agbor Tabi politics and Manyu, so I will try to be as objective as possible in this
For those who do not know, the 6th of November was declared by President Biya and his ruling CPDM party as "Victory Day" in Cameroon. Following clear cut recommendations from the CPDM Central Committee, celebrations had to be held in every sub constituency through the entire nation. As a consequence, the people of Upper Banyang
 planned theirs in Tinto, those of Akwaya were held in Akwaya town, that of Eyumojock were slated for Eyumojock town and Mamfe Central scheduled their own in Mamfe. The Central Committee delegated to Akwaya Chief, Dr, Prof, Sesekou, Negbo Abangma, Upper Banyang, Minister Mengot, Mamfe Central, Chief Barrister Tabetando and Eyumojock, Chief, Dr, Prof, Sesekou, Minister Agbor Tabi.
By some strange happenstance, the people of Mamfe Central were surprise at entering the Mamfe town hall and found Peter Agbor Tabi and his Ejagham acolytes informing them that they have made a decision to celebrate jointly with Mamfe Central in Mamfe!!!! After a very bitter quarrel, fighting broke out and the CPDM Section President for Mamfe Central Takor Daniel removed every CPDM decoration that had been placed there and transferred them to the Women's Home where Chief Barrister Tabe Tando finally presided over the victory day ceremony.

The Issue: For a man who lost
 his job as Minister for Higher Education due to his vicious attempts at merging Mamfe Central and Eyumojock to come back after 12 years with the same political agenda to me and to any right thinking Manyu citizen is very very worrying!!!! So, his recent Tinto visit is a continuation of his Biya mission-to keep the Manyu people divided and by so doing weakening the Anglophone Struggle. The truth is so long as Manyu elites stay divided, nothing will ever work in the South West Political Bloc. And Peter Agbor Tabi's reappointment as instigated by his evil partner Joseph Charles Doumba is to keep the Manyu elites at daggers-drawn position.

Biya Loves Me:Our University Don has always fed us with stories of how President Biya loves him!!! Of course if Biya does not actually loves a man, he will certainly not give him a ministerial job!!! However, love is a quantitative term and means different things to different people. Because of his love and
 respect for the Late Chief E.T.Egbe, President Ahmadou Ahidjo visited Mamfe three times and we all know what political gains we made from those visits-a spectacular scientific complex known as GHS Mamfe, a massive structure hosting the Ministry of Finance, a digital telephone exchange, a functioning airport in Besongabang, an air strip in Akwaya, an independent High Ways Department that could maintain roads even at the heart of raining season, a gigantic thermal electricity plant, a beautiful Mamfe General Hospital, a properly built symbol at the main round about entering Mamfe depicting national unity and integration, a Preventive Medicine
 Department that apart from giving drugs also did gave rice and milk to the poor families!!! This is why we were proud and kept vigil with palms whenever it was announced that E.T.Egbe was coming home. President Biya's love for our Peter Agbor only ends in organizing counterfeit parliamentary and presidential
 elections in Manyu!!  

The Tinto Entourage:It is evidently clear from the delegation that accompanied our University Don to Tinto that he no longer has legitimate authority in Manyu. What should a University Professor and Cabinet Minister be doing with a man like Chief Ako Stanley of Kendem village? What should a University Professor and Cabinet Minister be doing with an MP rocked by American visa scandal? Take it or leave, Peter does not just get it!!! 
These are desperate Manyu citizens taken the last kicks of a dying horse!!! The Tinto meeting will be remembered as the only CPDM meeting that had no prominent Upper Bayang elite in attendance.

The Significance:The CPDM tradition of thanking militants has never ever been an issue of sub constituencies!!! Since its inception in 1985, CPDM has thanked its militants only at divisional level-that is everybody comes to Mamfe and celebrations take place there. But because our
 University Professor and his pro Agbor Tabi comedians want to show the world that Peter Agbor Tabi is stronger than Minister Mengot and should be the next Prime Minister, the need to host that junk event in Tinto was imperative in the primitive design. Before, in and after government, Mengot will always remain a decent man.

The mammoth crowd:The report from Tinto did said the rally was attended by five thousand people. I could understand my elder TT's anger!!! Five thousand people in Tinto to listen to Peter Agbor Tabi? The biggest ever crowd pulling event in Manyu history was a football match opposing Cammark Mamfe against Meme Works in the 1980s, we did not have five thousand people watching that game. So, our University Don and his inefficient propaganda agents are making a mockery of Manyu people.

What Does Peter Agbor Tabi wants? 
My opinion about this man has not change from the one I had in 1994 when he started his meteoric
 rise in the system!! That Manyu politics under him was crude, intolerable, unbearable,unacceptable and at best primitive.  Apart from his insatiable quest to become a Prime Minister under Biya, I can reveal now that Peter Agbor Tabi wants to become the Head of State at least even for a day before he dies!!! Yes, there are men like this in the world and Manyu has one of them-his name Peter Agbor Tabi. I believe and fervently too, that he can achieve his heartfelt desires by changing tactics and uniting the Manyu people.
To this I put my name
Sesekou Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai 
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